How to get information about the prices and terms for the port services? How to get an Offer for the services our company needs?

For more information about the terms and prices for the transshipment, storage, pontoon and other port services we offer you have to send us a request – by mail, fax or phone. You could turn to our Marketing department on office@port-ruse-bg.com.

In the request you need to mention:

  • The port that you want to work with;
  • Is it about passenger or cargo ship;
  • Time for stay on the pontoon (for pontoon services);
  • Type of the cargo (for transshipment and storage services),
  • Total quantity of the cargo;
  • Weight per unit, dimensions, package;
  • Type of processing (direct/ indirect, incl.storage);
  • Time for storage (for indirect processing of the cargo);
  • Specific transshipment and storage requirements;
  • Other instructions important for the cargo processing;
  • Direction of the cargo (from/to what country).

Using this information our specialists will prepare and send you an Offer.

What are the conditions for transshipment and storage of our cargo in any of the ports of the Complex?

At least three days before starting the transshipment/storage of the cargo we should conclude a Contract for port/ storage services – separate for each port from the complex. Data and documents needed for the Contract:

  • Certificate for the current state of the firm from the court;
  • Address;
  • Tax number (for VAT);
  • Telephone, fax and email;
  • Legally attested letter, for every empowered representative.

How to advertise on this site?

Contact us on tel.: +359 82 880 951, e-mail: office@port-ruse-bg.com and inform us about your intention to put a banner of your company on our site. We will prepare a Contract for advertisement.


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