The port terminal Ruse – east east is located on km. 489 - 490 in the Eastern industrial estate of the town.This port terminal is the biggest in the Bulgarian part of the river Danube. It isalso the only Bulgarian river port, where at high water level, river-sea vessels could be transshipped.Port of Ruse-east is the only Bulgarian Danube port equipped for transhipment of heavy cargo units of up to 60 tons. It is also possible the processing of heavier cargoes or cargoes with big dimensions, with the help of a 100-tons floating crane.The port is specialized for transshipment and storage of many types of cargoes - bulk and general cargoes, machinery, equipment etc.Port Ruse-east is officially opened for exploitation in 1976. Since its opening is signed a protocol for establishing a shipping line for transport of containers of 3 and 5 tons. The line starts on 1st July the same year. In 1984 starts a new line for big containers.

В п-ще Изток се обработват всички видове товари, включително едрогабаритни товари и техника.

The port of Ruse-east has:

  • Total area of 825 533 sq.m.
  • 14 berth places
  • Average depth of the firth at water mark 0 between 1m. - 2 m.
  • 17 cranes with lifting capacity between 5 and 32 tons
  • 196 300 sq.m. storage area:
  • 15 800 sq.m. covered storage area
  • 190 500 sq.m. open storage area
  • Connection with the national rail and road network of Bulgaria

The port has a reserved total area of 825 533 sq.m. which gives opportunity for its future development. In the General plan of the port there is a territory specified for future constructing of container and grain terminal.


On the territory of the port of Ruse-east there is a Ro-Ro terminal Rusefor horizontal transshipment of vehicles.

The Ro-Ro terminal in Ruse has:

  • A Ro-Ro ramp suitable for simultaneous mooring of 2 Ro-Ro vessels
  • 2 parking areas with capacity of 80 trucks each
    • Internal parking area - 11 719 sq.m.
    • External parking area - 11 484 sq.m.
  • Connection with the national road network of Bulgaria;
  • Phytosanitary center, bathroom and WC.


Port terminal Ruse-center center - The central passenger quay in the town of Ruse is under the management of “Port complex – Ruse”.The complex offers to its clients pontoon services on 1 pontoon along the quay, suitable for both passenger and commercial vessels. Ruse-center is situated in the town center, near the Central Square and most of the big hotels. In the immediate proximity of the quay are situated the offices of the administrations connected with the shipping along the Danube (Executive Agency „Maritime administration”, Executive Agency for exploration and maintenance of the Danube, Bulgarian Ports Infrastructure Company, Customs, Border Control Point).


The port of Tutrakan is located on km. 433.The port is of regional importance. It has one berth place, open storage areas and is connected to the national road network of Bulgaria.The port is suitable for bulk and general cargoes.

В пристанище Тутракан се обработват както насипни така и генерални товари.

The port of Tutakan has:

  • Total area of 4414 sq.m.
  • 1 berth place
  • 1 pontoon for passenger and commercial ships
  • Average depth at water mark 0 is 1 m
  • 1 crane with lifting capacity of 5 tons
  • 2 500 sq.m. open storage area
  • Connection with the national road network of Bulgaria


The port of Silistra is a passenger port and used to maintain a regular passenger line Silistra – Reni (Ukraine) – Silistra.It is situated on km.375 from the Danube mouth. The wrath length is 300 m.

The port of Silistra has:

  • Area of 17 770 sq.m.
  • 900 sq.m. parking-area
  • 2 pontoons for passenger ships
  • Depth of the firth at water mark 0 between 1 and 2 meters
  • Connection with the national road network of Bulgaria

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