Transshipment services

The transshipment is one of the basic port services, offered in all ports from Port complex – Ruse. The terminals are technically equipped with portal cranes and other loading/unloading machinery for processing bulk, general and any other type of cargo onto and from any water and land transport unit.

Port Ruse-East has a capacity of transshipping cargo units with maximum weight of up to 60 tons.

Heavier cargo units and such with specific dimensions can be processed with the help of a floating crane with 100 ton lifting capacity.

Storage services

All port terminals from Port complex - Ruse J.S.C offer to their clients open and covered storage areas, but the most extensive storage areas have are in Port Terminal Ruse East. The latter provides its customers with the opportunity of using warehouses under temporary and customs control.

Maneuvering services

Port complex – Ruse J.S.C has 1 maneuvering ship. The tug-push boat Mirage is located in port Ruse-east. It was acquired by the Complex in 2005.

Passenger and Pontoon services

The ports offer pontoons for wharfing of passenger ships and welcoming tourists.

  • In Ruse the Complex offers to its clients 1 pontoon located on the territory of the central passenger quay of Ruse.
  • In Tutrakan the complex manages 1 pontoon, located on the territory of the port. It is used for berthing of commercial and passenger ships.
  • The passenger port of Silistra offers 2 pontoons, located in the port.

Other Services

  • Electricity and water supply, cleaning of vessels etc.

The ports offer to the vessels supply with electricity and drinking water. We also offer cleaning of vessels located in the port. These services are provided at request by the client.

  • Services with transshipment equipment and machinery

In port of Ruse-East thecompany offers to its clients services with specialized transshipment machinery – motor trucks, bucket lifts, fork lifts etc.

  • Repair and other technical services:

Port complex – Ruse J.S.C offers the services of the Repair-Technical Department in Ruse.

They have a rich variety of technical equipment and highly qualified specialists which allow the complex to fulfill all kinds of technical and repair services to its clients:

  • locksmith, turner, milling/cutting, welding and carpenter's services;
  • making of catching devices from steel ropes;
  • repairing an d maintenance of all kinds of loading, reloading and other machinery;
  • repairing and maintenance of all kinds of loading, reloading and other machinery

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